The Gender Analysis Tool With Topical Questions

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More specifically, to make the GAF more accessible, the tables below offer topical questions to guide the content of research questions for each domain at each level of the health system for gender analysis.

For each level of the health system: 1) individual and household; 2) community; 3) health facility; 4) district; 5) national, there is one table with illustrative questions for each of the four domains.

The first table in each section contains general topical questions that pertain to that level of the health system, and the second table contains topical questions pertinent to a specific area of health (e.g., HIV, FP). The topical questions are both illustrative and descriptive and offer a set of key questions for a range of Jhpiego health areas. They should inform what kind of information should be gathered using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, but are not intended to be directly transferred to a survey or interview guide. Instead, the questions should be further adapted for a specific purpose, to a particular context, and to the type of data collection tool.

Sample data collection tools and resources that pertain to each level and set of tables are found at the end of each set. Annotations of the data collection and analysis resources listed appear in Annex III. The citations contain a hyperlink to the full document of each resource. To keep the size of the tool manageable, we focused questions on one health area per level of the health system.

The table below illustrates the level of questions that this Toolkit aims to provide using HIV-related gender analysis and assessment questions. The topical questions in the GAF tables are more specific than broader research questions and less specific than the types of questions that would appear on a survey or as part of a qualitative interview guide, which would have to be adapted and tested prior to their application for the setting and type of tools to be used.

  1. What do men know about sex?
  2. What do women know about sex? Can a woman discuss sex with her partner? Can a man discuss sex with his partner?
  3. Can a woman refuse sex with her partner?
  4. If a woman knows or suspects her husband has other sex partners, can she insist that her husband use a condom when having sex with her?
  5. Do women initiate sex?
  6. Do men initiate sex?
  7. Can a woman (unmarried or married) refuse to have sex with a partner?
  8. Do men and women discuss sex?
  1. Men don’t talk about sex
    • Totally agree?
    • Partially agree?
    • Disagree?
  2. Men need more sex than women do
    • Totally agree?
    • Partially agree?
    • Disagree?
  3. Men are always ready to have sex
    • Totally agree?
    • Partially agree?
    • Disagree?
  4. I would be outraged if my wife/husband asked me to use a condom
    • Totally agree?
    • Partially agree?
    • Disagree?
  1. If your husband asked you to have sex after you suspected he was having sex with another woman, what would you do?
  2. Under what circumstances can a woman refuse to have sex with her partner?
  3. Who decides when you and your partner have sex?
  1. If your wife asked you to use a condom, what would you think? What would you do?
  2. Who decides when you and your partner have sex?
  3. When you need information about your sexual health or encounter a problem, whom do you ask?


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